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Replacement For HP Compaq Business Notebook 6820s Laptop Battery / Notebook batteries

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  • ELHP035KO1
  • Laptop Batteries
  • HP Compaq
  • Business Notebook 6820s
  • Li-ion
  • 10.8V
  • 4400mAh
  • Black

HP Compaq Business Notebook 6820s laptop battery Description
This HP Compaq Business Notebook 6820s laptop battery has passed strict quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards such as CE, UL Listed, and/or ISO9001/9002 certification. All purchases in our battery & battery charger store 30 days money back guarantee. In addition, Business Notebook 6820s laptop batteries are warranted for a full year to ensure your complete satisfaction

How can you use your new Business Notebook 6820s battery
Your new Business Notebook 6820s battery must be completely charged and discharged before use. The long period of transition from factory to customers during which the idleness of battery may passivate its electrode material. So upon initial use the HP Compaq Business Notebook 6820s battery may require three complete charge/discharge cycles in order to avoid passivation and activate the Business Notebook 6820s batterys performance and maximize its capacity. Meanwhile, As there is the data transmission agreement port between Business Notebook 6820s laptop battery and laptop, it takes 2-3 charge and discharge cycles before the batterys actual capacity percentage is in sync with the percentage displayed by laptop. Cycling approach: Put the Business Notebook 6820s battery into laptop and charge/discharge it until the laptop shutting down. Then charge the battery again. Charge time must exceed 12 hours. Repeat three times.

Laptop Battery Maintenance
1) Remove unused PCMCIA Cards from your notebook to extend Business Notebook 6820s battery run-time when no external power source is connected.
2) Battery works the best in a condition of 20-30 temperature. It may shorten HP Compaq Business Notebook 6820s batterys run time if heightening or lowering the temperature.
3) It is a wrong concept that taking out the battery from laptop when it has stable power supply in order to prolong the Business Notebook 6820s battery life. Because when battery is fully charged, its charging circuit will close automatically. Overcharge usually will not happen.
4) It is recommended to conduct a complete charge and discarge cycle for the Business Notebook 6820s battery every three months on average.
5) Dont use battery if it is not necessary because every charge/discharge time may shorten HP Compaq batterys life.
6) Try not to charge battery before power is used up and not to charge the Business Notebook 6820s battery too long. This is the best way to avoid memory effect for both Lithuim and Ni-MH batteries. Lithium-ion battery has memory effect too though it is not as obvious as Ni-MH battery.

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This HP Compaq Business Notebook 6820s battery can fit all the Laptop Models below

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This HP Compaq Business Notebook 6820s laptop battery is replacement for

  • 451085-141
  • 451086-121
  • 451086-161
  • 451568-001
  • HSTNN-XB51
  • HSTNN-XB52
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Battery and Company Information

How to store battery when it is not in use for a long time? It should be fully charged or discharged?
Storing the batteries at full discharge for long period of time will have the Business Notebook 6820s battery cells lose their activity, even have the control circuit protection self-closed which resulted in its inability to be re-used. Storing the Business Notebook 6820s laptop batteries at full charge will have battery safety jeopardized. The best way to store the batteries is to keep the batteries at cool and dry places at optimal temperature of about 20 degrees with only about 50% capacity remained. Off course, getting the battery out every month for use is the best way to keep the battery at excellent storage state and Business Notebook 6820s battery power free from flowing away completely which could damage the battery.

How to charge your new replacement laptop battery properly
Some laptops with lithium-ion Business Notebook 6820s batteries use technology of SBS brightness battery system, which can measure batterys life accurately. Although lithium-ion battery has many merits, we still need to master some professional charge method to prolong HP Compaq Business Notebook 6820s batterys life and made it maintain long time power supply. Your new Business Notebook 6820s laptop battery requires three complete charge/discharge cycles before use and achieving maximum capacity. It means the battery would have to be charged fully and then be discharged fully. Repeat it three times before starting to use the Business Notebook 6820s battery. By this way, batterys internal chemical materials can be activated and its internal chemical reaction can come into the optimal state. After the activation, the battery can be charged and used freely. But the battery will have to be discharged completely once a month so that the battery activity can be released by such deep discharge and battery life can be maintained. If battery is idle for over 3 months, it is also necessary to conduct 3 cycles of complete charge and dsicharge to ensure that the battery is activated. You must control the charge time commendably when you use a Ni-MH battery. Please remember not to overcharge continually, or it will shorten the batterys life. Furthermore, Ni-MH battery should be fully discharged before being charged. It also needs three complete discharge/ charge cycles before starting to use it. Most users are used to using Alternating Current instead of a battery for power supply when they use laptops. Actually the battery needs to be used at least once or twice per month to release the battery power completely. Then fully charge the battery with AC power once. Please remember that it is always good for rechargeable batteries to use up the battery power before giving them a full charge. Because the li-ion battery used by laptop has its own laziness and would lose its activeness when being idle for long time. It needs to be reactivated. It is suggested to take out the battery from laptop when it uses AC power supply indoor to avoid having the HP Compaq Business Notebook 6820s battery get charged frequently. It is also suggested to shut down the laptop so that battery can be fully charged. Do not remove the AC power during charge. In addition, the power of battery can easily be used up and most laptops have only one battery. For this reason, some manufacturers have developed a fast charge feature that enables the battery to replenish its power at the fastest pace after power draining up. One hour charge can give the Business Notebook 6820s battery back over 90% of its power. Why is not 100%? Because frequent fast 100% charge will greatly shorten the battery life. In order to prolong battery life, fast charge will have to be switched to slow charge(namely Constant Voltage charging method) when battery reaches 90% charge. For a common laptop, the best charge method is to turn off the laptop when its battery is being charged. The charge time will be shortened by 30% by this method.

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