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  • PANASONIC Battery
  • FCGA-DU07 battery for PANASONIC camcorder
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    List price: $22.00

  • Sony VAIO batteries
  • VAIO PCG-NV battery
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Replacement Lithium Battery Tips

    How to Prolong the Lifetime of Your Replacement Li-ion Battery

  1. Avoid wrong using of Li-ion battery, such as heavy pressure, short circuit, fall off and so on.
  2. Avoid keep your Li-ion batteries too hot or too cold, don't let do high load works for long time in summer and please keep it warm in winnter.
  3. Don't do fully discharge of you Li-ion batteries frequently, especially your Li-ion laptop batteries.
  4. Don't keep your Ni-Cd batteirs using habits to the Li-ion batteries!

    Advantages of Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

  1. Small volume: saving about 20% to 50% space comparing to the same capacity Ni-Cd batteries or Ni-HM batteries.
  2. Without "memory" effect: so you don't need to charge your replacement li-ion battery after it has been fully discharged. In another word, fully discharged is bad for li-ion batteries in fact.
  3. Low maintenance: Li-ion batteries needs lower maintenance.
  4. Light weight: it's very suitable used for the portable products
  5. Low selfdischarge: when storing in appropriate environment, Li-ion batteries' discharger is lower than other type batteries obviously.